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Almost Finished With The Westing Game

November 17, 2008

My Friend and I are almost finished with the Westing Game.  We got up to chapter 22 last time we read together.  It was late at night, but I was holding my big old hardback copy in my hands and feeling how skinny the remaining pages were.  (This is the kind of thinking that gets me into trouble late at night.  Underestimating reading time leads to a finished book, true, but often at the cost of a zombie-like next morning.)

He was in town over Halloween weekend, which was especially nice in a Westing Game sort of way, as Halloween is really when the book gets going.  I entertained both of us by dressing up as Turtle Wexler for Halloween.  Braided hair and shin-kicking (gently) included.  I didn’t make myself any peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but I did have a flask.  And a copy of the Westing Game, which only a few of my other friends remembered reading as kids.  I didn’t uncover any of the other repeat readers I was hoping for.  While he was in town, we also had the novel experience of reading to each other without a phone getting in the way.  If you’re trying to share a hardback book with a friend, watch out for elbowing each other.   A lot.  Yes, it was silly of us to try, and we ended up retreating to our respective copies in short order.

Also on a whim, I Googled Ellen Raskin, to see what she was up to lately.  And, errm.  She’s no longer with us.  Which, given being born in the 1920s, and a writing career that was thriving before I was born, is to be expected, I suppose.  But even so.

My friend’s predictions as the book draws to a close….
“well, there’s gonna be the big reveal about “is Otis Amber actually Sam Westing” and about Crow and what not. I wonder if Angela will come clean, and if Grace will go into some form of denial about it. I’m interested to see what the fallout of the Sydell/Sybil mixup will be. Of course, It’s a kids book, so there’s got to be some “and now everyone has character growth” portion.” Yes… I called him a cynic for that last bit. And I think I successfully muffled giggles at his guesses.
He concludes: “Overall I think the story mostly ages well, there are some unavoidable anachronisms, of course, but they can be taken in stride.”
I agree.

I wonder what we’re going to read next.

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  1. November 18, 2008 5:53 am

    I really enjoyed this book when I read it. Strangely, I saw the movie first. I didn’t even know there was a book until the credits!

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