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Books I have stayed up far too late reading

December 10, 2008

Since I started the blog, these are the books I can think of I have stayed up way too late reading, winners of my entirely subjective Cinderella Awards

My Most Excellent Year
– Steve Kluger. Did NOT want to put it down and leave the world of the three teenage characters, who were so fully themselves, funny, and geeky, and loving and loyal. And a plot that turned a little bit goofy, and just a little bit magical. This may turn into one of my comfort books.

Comfort Food– Kate Jacobs. Good food writing, and characters I don’t want to leave, not even for sleep. I’m especially fond of Wall Street wonk turned foodie, Oliver.

The School of Essential Ingredients– Erica Bauermeister. This one’s not out yet, but I’m reviewing it for the Ledger for February. It’s another blend of gorgeous food writing with wonderful, offbeat characters.

I also remember staying up impossibly late with Ender’s Game and Speaker For the Dead the first time I read them. Characters again. Characters I didn’t want to leave, not even to get the sleep I needed.

When I was a kid, I read The Secret Life of Hillary Thorne, by Marcia Wood. Hillary Thorne could go into any book she wanted. Tom Sawyer, Sherlock Holmes. Wind in the Willows too, I think. And she could hang out and have adventures with the characters.

I’m not sure I want to jump feet first into a book that’s as removed from reality as Ender’s Game, but I do wish I could stay in touch with the characters in some of these novels. Sequel? Re-read? Yes, that would be nice. But mostly… I really want to jump into these pages.

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