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25 Bookish Things About Me

February 4, 2009

By now, those who use sites like Facebook and LiveJournal must have seen the “25 Things About Me” list that people are posting.  After a handful of people tagged me, I posted my own list, which included some bookish things:  “I wish I’d started being a book reviewer years ago.”  “Chick lit, where the sole focus is the female protagonist finding love, almost always makes me mad.”  “Since I started reviewing books, I pay more attention to what people are reading, and use it to get to know them.”

I’m not going to post the rest of my Facebook response, but here’s a brand-new bookish list.  Maybe I can start a meme of my own!

25 Bookish Things About Me:

1. I read fast, and like books that immerse me and carry me along.  I catch up to the details on the re-read.

2.  Although I’ve always loved to read and write and think about stories, I majored in Anthropology, not English, in college.

3.  I love a good mystery, especially one with a strong sense of history, place, or forensic science.

4.  I have taken numerous poetry writing classes since college, and wish I’d started taking them sooner.

5.  Partners And Crime, in the West Village, is one of my favorite bookstores.  Mysteries I’ve never heard of!

6.  I met Ann M. Martin, author of the Babysitters Club books, when I was 8.  I was seriously star-struck.  I also met her cat.

7.  The first time I remember reading something was “The Random House Treasury of Poems For Children.”  My mom was reading me a poem, and suddenly, her voice matched the page.  I remember recognizing the word “soup.”

8.  Although doctors, hospitals, and even hospital shows on TV scare me senseless, I find James Herriot and Patrick Taylor’s novels about doctors tremendously relaxing as audiobooks.

9.  I love rereading my favorite books.  I’ve read The Westing Game
something like 30 times by now.

10. My favorite science fiction makes social commentary very transparently, while telling a good, emotionally rich adventure story.

11. One of the main things that gets me excited about traveling is finding little independent bookstores and books I can’t find anywhere else.

12. When I’m on vacation with my parents, I read 2-3 books to one of my mom’s. Every time I finish a book, she laughs and calls me  “Wretched child!”

13. Reading a good book is the most relaxing and recharging thing I can think of doing.

14. Although I love a good mystery, I’m wary of police procedurals. Laurie R. King’s Kate Martinelli books are an exception.

15. I’ve had many chicken salad sandwiches and chocolate milkshakes in the Cutchogue Diner, which Nelson DeMille mentions in Plum Island

16.  I use the word “vivid” too much when I’m reviewing a book I enjoyed.  Also “elegant.”

17.  I think I have given up on Hemingway.  On some level, I admire his craft, and his commitment to such sparse sentences, but mostly I find his writing frustrating, like he’s taunting the reader by holding back.

18. Although I would rather read Hemingway than watch a baseball game, I have an endless appetite for vintage baseball in novels- Brooklyn Dodgers era, Americana, sandlot, coming of age stories.

19.  Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale.  Robin McKinley’s retelling
is my favorite version.  I admit, I always get a little mad when he turns back into a handsome prince, after she learned to accept and love him as a Beast.

20. I love caper novels and memoirs. Spies, cons, swindles. Costume changes, gambling and glamor. “Bringing Down The House” was excellent.

21. Foodie fiction and memoirs, along the lines of “Comfort Food” or “Like Water For Chocolate” are also favorites of mine. Glad that seems to be growing as a genre.

22. I eavesdrop on strangers’ conversations in bookstores, and sometimes jump in with book recommendations.

23. It took setting up my bookshelves to make my apartment feel like I belonged there.

24. The 19th century is my favorite period for historical fiction. Give me New York, the American Civil War, or Victorian England, and I’m set.

25. I would really love to find a book club to join, because it might make me read the classics I’ve missed. Not sure where to find one though.

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  1. November 11, 2009 6:59 am

    Dear Elizabeth,
    When you were 11 years old in my homeroom class at The Caedmon School you wrote, “Rachel Carson was a scientist and an author. The world’s awareness of the dangers of DDT was roused with her book, Silent Spring. The nation was delighted with her book, The Sea Around Us. I can only hope to have that effect on the public as an author.” It’s personally very satisfying to see that your dreams of being a writer have come true.
    Still a fan,

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