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“Breaking Dawn” a “Kids'” Book?

February 23, 2009

In the “Living Well” section at the front of the current Woman’s Day magazine, I find what seems to be excellent advice.

“Read a children’s book.  Some of the best, most innovative fiction is in the young adult section.  Steal new stuff from your kid’s bookshelf.”

So far, I have no problem.   I agree.  A great deal of YA fiction is well written, imaginative, and fun to read  as an adult.  (I find it comforting, in fact, to know that I have some sense of perspective on some of the catastrophes and shattering defeats teenagers in love are likely to face.)  I was expecting something like Nancy Drew, (which the piece does mention) or Harry Potter.  Well-written books with fanciful but well-grounded kids and teens.

But… then WD goes on.

“like Stephenie Meyers’ ‘Breaking Dawn.”

Granted, I’ve only read synopses- because Twilight was not, to put it mildly, one of my favorite reads…  But isn’t “Breaking Dawn” the horrifying one with vampire childbirth, as well as the ever-present spineless, simpering bad role model girl heroine pining after her stalkery, sparkling vampire??

Oh, Woman’s Day, treasure trove of useful household tips and tasty recipes!  For shame!  Couldn’t you give the nod to the Traveling Pants, or Diane Duane?  Much better reads, and better roles for women.

That does it.  I’m more determined than ever to write for WD.   Books, house stuff, cooking… anything I can pitch, to get myself in, and elevate the books discourse beyond sparkling vampires.  And if you think of another good YA book for grownup women to read, leave a comment!

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  1. Kim permalink
    February 28, 2009 2:09 pm

    “The Book Thief” is the best Young Adult book I’ve read, in fact, I’ve heard of several adult book groups discussing it. Personally, when I want a fun read, I’m turning more and more to YA books. Many are well written and they have a lighter quality, perfect for the end of a headache inducing day.

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