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Women’s Voices For Change! Live!

March 31, 2009

The redesigned site is up!
More news, essays, culture, health information and celebration of the initiative, strength and creativity of women over 40.

I went to the benefit lunch today. It was wonderful to meet the board members and contributors I’ve been e-mailing and editing these past few months. (I had a funny moment with one of them- I didn’t recognize her until she tilted her head to the same angle as is in her contributor photo!) What a smart, accomplished, upbeat and inspiring group of women!
And of course, I’ve said it so many times and it bears repeating: Thank you, ChrisL, so very much, for bringing me on board with this project.
I’m having so much fun, and learning so much!

I think I’ve stumbled across my dream job. Working with these women, writing, editing, doing publicity, learning. Now to figure out how to do this, or something very like it, full time. Or else, stitch together enough similar writing and networking experiences to make a full time career, with WVFC and then some.

Back to our regularly scheduled book reviews tomorrow. I still need to post a few from vacation, and a few I’ve read since.

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