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My Blog Goes to the Dogs

April 15, 2009

Dog Fiction Update: Peter Howe is continuing Waggit’s Tale
, with “Waggit Again,” a sequel that follows the spunky Waggit through further adventures in New York. I read the first installment as part of a round up of children’s literature. I loved it so much I’m tracking down a copy of the sequel to review on my blog. I was impressed with the characterization of the talking animals, and the complexities of the New York adventure. Anyone who knows me knows that I take a generally jaundiced view of talking animals. For Waggit to win me over so completely is saying something huge!

Obama Puppy Update: A Portuguese Water Dog named Bo will make Obama family portraits exponentially cuter. I’m hoping for a picture of the pup sacked out on the Oval Office carpet. Chewing on the Presidential desk would also be good.

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