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Writing that sings, at WVFC

June 16, 2009

This week’s off to a great start at WVFC, with two writers I admire (as word-crafters and people) taking the stage.

Dad tipped me off to the launch of Kathleen O’Brien’s blog about her diagnosis of breast cancer, “We’ll Know More On Monday.” And I asked her to cross-post to WVFC.

I’ve been reading her column in the paper for years.  And…. she brings the same candor, the same humor, and thoroughly enviable, graceful prose to this story.   About the MRI: “It was loud, it was uncomfortable, the radiologist kept apologizing. I was squeezed, poked, shuttled in and out, and generally shish-kabobbed.”

I’d love to learn to write like her.  I didn’t expect to laugh so hard at a blog about breast cancer.

And just up today is ChrisL’s musing on setting up house in Philly, which is also a love letter to New York and California.

“New Yorkers (and I’ll likely call myself one till I die) like to feel that, as Colson Whitehead writes, “I was born here, and thus ruined for anywhere else.” But I’ve always had a soft spot for small cities — starting with Baltimore, where I once moved to heal from divorce, before falling in love again and moving to San Francisco.”

Colson Whitehead is an apt reference…Chris’s essay makes me want to purr the same way I do when I read The Colossus of New York. Gorgeous language.

Brava, ladies!

Everyone, go!  Read!

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