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Cherry Ames and the Lazy Sunday

June 21, 2009

Cherry Ames novels are the perfect length for a lazy Sunday morning in bed. Polished off Cherry Ames, Boarding School Nurse, this morning. Cherry takes a job at an exclusive and strict boarding school near her hometown. An odd outcast girl with French ancestry, the boarding school’s financial troubles, and the search for a secret perfume recipe intersect to give Cherry quite a mystery to solve. She gets to do some pretty diverse nursing, too. Everything from routine flu and laryngitis, to being at the right place to assist after a nearby car accident, to the routine bumps and bruised egos of a community of teenage school girls. The headmistress of the school likens a school nurse to a psychologist, hearing the girls’ secrets and worries.
Although there isn’t too much technical detail, there are fun asides about perfume making chemistry, gardening and botany, as well as an ancient family secret to liven things up. And a handsome doctor for Cherry to twinkle at a little bit. (Thus far, two handsome doctors wanting Something More from Cherry, and scarcely a date. I like this. She’s focused on her career, is our Miss Ames.)

I’m slowly purchasing the boxed sets of Helen Wells’ Cherry Ames books from Amazon. that should take me to the mid-60s or so. I’m not sure if Julie Tatham took over writing them sequentially, or in tandem with Helen Wells, and not sure who has the copyright. Maybe there’s still something for me to do at garage sales after all.

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