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WVFC Poetry Friday- David Tucker

July 10, 2009

TUCKER 6  YASUKAWADavid Tucker is the deputy managing editor at the Newark Star-Ledger, in Newark, N.J, where he was part of the Ledger team that won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News. Previously, he worked as managing editor at United Press International, and served as sports editor and later city editor for The Philadelphia Inquirer. He brings a journalist’s sensibility for clear language and visual immediacy to his poetry as well. Two years ago he told the American Journalism Review, when asked about his poems: “You can’t always sit down and dictate to yourself where you’re going with poetry. Journalism is about what the facts tell us. Poetry’s about what the facts don’t tell us.”
Read the poem and see a video at Women’s Voices For Change.

And yes.  I engineered this installment of Poetry Friday.  Largely because I’d gotten to know David through the Star-Ledger, and discovered his poetry, which is scorching excellent.  So very happy to find a poem of his that would work for WVFC!

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