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From WVFC: Angela’s Son- Frank McCourt

July 20, 2009

Excerpted from Women’s Voices For Change

written by Laura Baudo Sillerman

Photo: David Shankbone

Photo: David Shankbone

“She was seventy-three when she died. Seventy-three and glad to go. Not until then did I begin to understand the nature of her loneliness in Manhattan. Along with that came the guilt. I could have made her life easier. I could have taken her to dinner more often, even walked with her to the park. I could have drawn her out about her life. No, that would have been too much. I knew enough already.”

Frank McCourt

Angela's_Ashes_coverLet it never be forgotten that Frank McCourt chose to take his first big shot at writing the kind of book he loved to teach with a book that undertook to balance the scales for his mother. He hit the target and beyond. A Pulitzer after retirement. A dozen years of celebrity. Over a decade of telling stories to arena-sized audiences. And never did he lose the power to cut himself down to size. Or to tell a story as if there were only one listener who he wanted to reach—you.

Read more at Women’s Voices For Change

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