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The Book Blog Went on Summer Vacation?

August 18, 2009

Hey- wasn’t it June? About 15 minutes ago?
It has been a very, very long time since I updated. I’ve been reading books, thinking about them. I’ve been writing. Just- not particularly here.

I’ve been having entirely too much fun as the New York Beer Pairing Examiner. As I’d hoped, it’s challenging me to teach myself to be a better food writer, to articulate tastes and recipe instructions more clearly. (I’m also trying out new recipes, and photographing my dinner.) The community of food writers is a great resource too. It’s become a great source of new recipes to try. I’m looking forward to some festivals and fun in the fall. For the writing experience as well as the delicious beer.

Book reviewing for the Ledger is picking up. A bunch of reviews are due for the fall. (I swore October was farther away than this! Yikes!) I think the best part is getting to do another Kids and YA roundup! I’ve got two glorious tote bags overflowing with picture books and teen novels. I really can’t believe the gorgeousness out there in kids’ picture books. And I find teen novels tremendously relaxing. (Maybe it’s knowing that I’ll never have to suffer through an algebra class, or play volleyball ever again.) I think they’re soothing precisely because the social drama is so overwrought.

Still blogging and doing housekeeping for Women’s Voices, and helping launch a fashion industry blog.
And– look for a couple other bylines to appear in the fall.

Even though humid weather makes me feel like a zombie, I can look back and say, I’ve gotten a lot done this summer. Go me!

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