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It’s that (spooky) time of year again

October 22, 2009

A chill in the air (sometimes) and leaves turning color. Cider, fuzzy sweaters, and the Halloween-themed book reviews for the Star-Ledger. This year I’ve had the chance to do multiple roundups. First off, there was the generally spooky, featuring a history of grimoires, a necromancer or two, a tentacled take on Jane Austen, and not one, but two, tremendously creative takes on Frankenstein.

From there, it was right into five vampire books. Some of which meant to be funny. (But it was the unintentionally funny ones that really made me laugh hard. I feel that the Twilight phenomenon has done more for comedic vampire angst by accident than Joss Whedon did on purpose.)  Writing this, I mistyped vampire as campire… I feel that it might be an accurate name for the subgenre of Twilight’s swooning vamps.

And now, the zombie roundup is full of delights- some finding the humor of the undead, one anthology so scary I would rather not read it in an empty house at night. Also, I got a friend’s comic collection into the roundup. Awakening, Volume 1. Alex Eckman-Lawn is a friend’s son, and his artwork blew me away. Intense, nightmarish, warped photographs fused with dreamy painted panels.

My editor wants me to ponder the zombie phenomenon, maybe get a bookstore owner or comic shop owner, to comment on how zombies are the new vampires, how they’ve become The Monster du Jour.

Yes. I love my job.

In the reading queue after this- two sets of Christmas books! I can feel the big, sweet, culture shock just waiting to happen.

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