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I have got to read Dorothy Sayers!!

October 27, 2009

I have never read Dorothy Sayers. I know. I really should.

My friend Terri just sent me a magnificent review.

Hi there! Just finished a book recently that sounds about your bag — which means you’ve not only read it, but your master’s thesis was probably about subtext in the third chapter, right? Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers? It’s a 30’s mystery, so British it bleeds tea, and no one actually dies. The mystery bit is tied into some very interesting proto-psycho-feministy sort of mentality, and at the end of it, you’re left more with Sayer’s musings about the higher education of women than with a good plot. I did some digging after I finished it and found that she wrote it to deal with her own conflicted feelings about creativity vs. matrimony vs. security vs. personal freedoms. Somehow the combination of all of that just made me think of you and what you write about.

If you’ve already read it, I wondered what you thought of it? I feel like it’s a pretty lousy mystery plot, but that seems the least important element of the book ….

Going to the library tomorrow.  “Bleeds tea?” Perfect turn of phrase!  I’m delighted, intrigued, and flattered.  Very cool!

So Dorothy Sayers readers, where should I start?

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