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Impossible- Nancy Werlin (book review)

November 24, 2009

I love being able to review a book before I’ve finished it. I’m almost done with Impossible, and I love it. I picked up Impossible by Nancy Werlin, because it has some of my favorite things. Magic and folklore, in a modern setting. Echoes of Tam Lin. Ties to a song that’s piqued my imagination.

Lucy Scarborough’s foster parents love and support her no matter what. When she is assaulted at her junior prom, her family draws her close, and promises to help her any way they can. But the help she needs is more supernatural than just helping a teenage mother get through skill. Tied to literal interpretations of the impossible tasks in the song “Scarborough Fair.”

I’m loving the way the story unfolds, the right blend of magic, supernatural, good pacing, great characters who are understanding but not saints. And wow- I envy Nancy Werlin for having thought of this take on a song that’s gotten stuck in my head, and made me wonder and daydream.

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