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From WVFC: Saving Father Christmas From Kris Kindle

December 14, 2009

Ainslie Jones Uhl, a frequent contributor to Women’s Voices For Change, has written an excellent rebuttal of the Kindle and the e-book reader, crystallizing my visceral feelings of revulsion about the device, more eloquently than I have been able to do.  Below, an excerpt from “Saving Father Christmas from Kris Kindle”

Will future personal libraries be tiny breadboards encased in plastic? How can anyone discount the contribution of the organic to the reading experience — the smell of the bindings, the feel of the paper, the sound of a page being turned? How will you record your notations and epiphanies? Will book sharing among friends become extinct? Can you imagine pulling your darling grandchild onto your lap to read The Runaway Bunny from a smart phone? I keep waiting for the backlash.

Read the rest at Women’s Voices For Change

Sometimes I wish for more bookshelf space, true. Or when I’m packing for vacation, I wish I could shove the six books I’m debating between onto one slender e-book device. But… they’re so horrifyingly robotic. You can’t look at the edges and see the dog-ears of a place kept or a good point noticed. You can’t pass books along to friends the same way. What about browsing and flipping through pages in bookstores? Shopping for books electronically is always going to be more targeted, less serendipitous, no matter how many algorithms suggest “you might also like…” And I’d miss having bookstores as a social center.

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