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Art and Books

January 20, 2010

Today’s post at Women’s Voices For Change by accomplished artist, Julia Kay fills me with admiration- and some envy. She’s been using her iPod Touch to sketch and paint. I love the colors she uses.

Working with Brandon Graham on, I’ve seen him do sketches that look effortless, and detailed.

Fran Wood, my books editor at the Star-Ledger, is another talented painter.

Whenever I review beautifully illustrated children’s books, they make me happy. Turning pages that seem to leap and swirl with color, or capture shadows to create a quieter mood. Some of the illustrations would make wonderful paintings. I want to look at them over and over again.

And I’ve been seeing Penelope Przekop’s Facebook links to her paintings.  She’s both an author and a painter, which explains the sense of color I got from reading her novel, Aberrations.

I envy the people who can turn a blank piece of paper into a gorgeous display of color and contours. My own ability to draw is limited to stick figures. I do love the challenge of trying to put words to the images and my experience of them. “It makes me smile,” while absolutely and viscerally true, doesn’t tell the whole story.

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