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Poetry Friday: Crows

January 29, 2010

A very wintry poem by Lisa Russ Spaar, introduced at WVFC by Laura Baudo Sillerman

As I write this I am looking out of a window in an air conditioned (!) Barnes & Noble in Houston. I have just seen a crow. Once again I am reminded of how Lisa Russ Spaar can take the particular and poetically turn it into the pertinent, the powerful, the universal.

It is snowing where I live. The shops of Houston are air conditioned as I visit. Some one of our readers in Florida is possibly applying sun protection before a beach walk. Another is drying off after last week’s California rains. And one is even having a birthday in London.

What is true of all of us is that we have been united for all of January by our great good fortune in reading a poet-in-residence as wise, as generous, as soaring of spirit and grounded in truth as Lisa Spaar, whose gloss on the poem you can see below, after the poem itself. I bemoan the ending of this month and at the same time celebrate this one more poem for us to take to heart.

– Laura Baudo Sillerman

Read Lisa Russ Spaar’s poem and some afterthoughts at Women’s Voices For Change.

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