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Books I’m in the Mood to Read

February 10, 2010

I have a lovely and ever-growing pile of books that I need to read. I feel that it is almost as tall as the snow drifts piling up outside many houses on the East Coast for the past few days.

Given the snow, and given that I am utterly fed up with winter, cold, dark, wind and ice, I’ve decided to spend the rest of February rereading Lauren Willig’s Pink Carnation series. After I’m done with that, I’m not sure what I’m going to read next. I would like to read books like it. So- wit, historical fiction, adventure, humor, great characters who are fun, prose that makes me giggle, and some sex and romance.

Mostly I want the prose that makes me giggle- and I think I’d like to explore the historical period some more. British society and social drama, told with a bit of modern snark. Any ideas?

I would like to read women’s history, either general or specific. But again, it absolutely has to be engagingly well written. It may be that Gail Collins has spoiled me for reading along these lines, though I think she’s whetted my appetite. I want- either general or specific- but a strong narrative and welcoming, popular prose. Please go easy on the footnotes and words like “problematize” and “eroticize.” Just tell me the stories.

Maybe I need to head to the library and read something off the Sociology shelf, or the Cultural Studies shelf. Something pop psych maybe? or pop anthro?

And I’m always up for good, engaging foodie writing. Or well-written YA.

If the weather’s going to persist like this, I’m going to surrender. Me, my couch, and a series of books.

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