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April Foolish

April 1, 2010

Wish I could think of a good, bookish April Fool prank to blog. There’s no way I could outdo my friend Gaiaturtle.

Her prank gave an excellent nod to Quirk Books, and not only can I not top her idea… the one I would have done is already in the works. Can’t wait to get my own copy of Android Karenina.

Anything I can think of to announce as jaw-droppingly good news, with a whoops-gotcha element of prank… is something I already daydream about making true.

A book deal. A brand new editing gig. Quitting the non-writerly day job and supporting myself as a writer full-time. Meeting someone I admire. (I wonder what Lady Gaga, my current obsession, is like in person.) I’ve already met a couple of the authors who fill me with the most fangirl glee. And I even nearly made Sherman Alexie do a spit-take. Still proud of that, years later.

I dream of having a beer named after me. I dream of chucking it all in and moving to Edinburgh. Or Madrid. (Depending on the weather where I am.) I dream of book deals. (Poetry, or lately foodie memoir)

Working at a magazine. Or starting my own magazine. (No idea what I’d actually start a magazine about- I feel like I go in about four magazines’ worth of directions on any given day.)

So yeah. No pranks here.

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