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April 23, 2010

I like books about baseball. Or movies, for that matter. I especially like old-school baseball. Brooklyn Dodgers era stuff. Books like Shoeless Joe, taking a mythic-magical, idealized approach to baseball, delight me. The softness of the grass on a cool summer night…. the sound the bat makes. Granted, I barely watch enough baseball to really know that sound- but the authors who love it do a good enough job of telling me.

I don’t watch major league baseball. I’ll go to a Cyclones game now and again, but that’s really more about the love of Coney Island, and being able to sit out on a nice night, with a tang of sea and the smell of zeppoles wafting over. Or a glimpse of carnival lights over the outfield. I like the combination of the timeless spaces of New York history.

Baseball as literary device, to key the reader into fond nostalgia— that works for me. Baseball encodes a sense of the past, a sense of innocent Americana. Sports narratives are really about simplified triumph, no matter what hard work or adversity precedes them, happiness found.

I kind of love kids’ books about baseball. Yes, I’m reading one of Mike Lupica’s latest, Batboy, about a young fan.

Yeah. I’m sentimental, a romantic, and an optimist. Baseball books and movies play into this beautifully.

I’d wanted to end this with the Bull Durham speech, the “I Believe in…” but can’t find a good copy of it online….

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