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Feeling vindicated

April 24, 2010

Been stepping up the job search recently, spurred on by the idea of “social media” and marketing as a career path. It encompasses some of what I was working on for Women’s Voices For Change- keeping their social media spaces updated and personalized, making sure there was a sense of both a real person and a brand behind their Facebook and Twitter pages.

I realize that I don’t have a traditional marketing background, and it doesn’t bother me. Pitching stories as a freelance journalist? That’s marketing! Publicizing a website’s content to drive traffic? That’s marketing, too.

To make myself a better candidate, I’m reading more blogs getting into the meta conversations about social media. Found this via’s Twitter feed and it just about made my day.

I don’t think I agree with the “kill Social Media to use social media” argument the original article makes as a whole… (It sounds laughably pompous in spots) but this paragraph jumped out at me and made me very happy. Boldfacing for emphasis is mine:

It is also about the application of the social sciences. In our view, social media is about the evolution of human communication. Cultural anthropology, sociology, psychology, and linguistics matter in marketing again. Concepts like “social framing,” whereby individuals often perceive issues through the prism of their friends, are starting to help us rethink the way we communicate and the ways people gather, act, and synthesize information. Rethinking social organization through social media is beginning to have a transformative impact on governments and businesses.

Majoring in cultural anthropology might turn out to have been useful, after all.  I’m a child of the Internet, and a features geek more than a news-hound. And I love the community side of journalism and blogging- even the risk of wackos who leave flame comments.

Social media? Sure. Not sure where it’s going, or what else I need to do to make myself a great job candidate. I like the possibilities. Can I start calling myself a hybrid journalist? Honestly I’m excited by the web-plus-journalism possibilities or, write-and-engage-web-community dual identities opened up by the blogosphere.

Hm. Might have to change the blog title to… dunno what.

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