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Julie, Julia and Me

May 11, 2010

I’m not even halfway through Julie and Julia, and already wondering a few things. I’m also tremendously more impressed with my friend Cheryl, who is blogging her way through Julia Child and making it Kosher.

Where do you get marrow bones in NY anyway? And where’s a good, affordable butcher?

Aspic? Really? YIKES!

Also- chicken livers potentially scary.

Not sure I could cook with that much butter. Or eat it. I don’t actually know much about French food. Hmm. Could totally see doing something with a Spanish cookbook if I had the money and knew where to get ingredients.

Maybe I should team up with my semi-Cousin Dan who has a kickass food blog. He is also a better cook than I am likely to be. Ever.

I think I will have aspic and/or poached egg and/or chicken liver themed nightmares.

Loving the asides where Julie imagines Paul and Julia’s courtship. I should possibly read more about Julia Child.

What can I blog about that will get me a book/movie deal where Amy Whatsername (I get Amy Adams and Amy Acker confused) plays me?

Now that I’ve finished the book— I wish there had been more entries from the actual blog. Reading a book about her blogging felt strangely meta, though I enjoyed all but the most argumentative scenes of her cooking with her husband. Aspic is still scary. French food is still probably not what I would cook my way through, given the choice.

It was fun, though. I like her prose style. First person gleefully snarky makes me happy every time. Not sure I’m going to read the follow up, Cleaved, because that kind of sounds like she’s gone off the deep end.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    May 11, 2010 9:51 pm

    I officially assign you to read Julia Child’s “My Life In France” as soon as you finish Julie/Julia. Her brilliance and badassery cannot be overstated, and the story of her marriage with Paul will make you swoon. Though I warn you to put your parents on emergency Cafe Loup standby.

    Also, chicken livers are delicious! You like pate, right? Chicken livers are just from a less fatty bird. I like them sauteed with shallots and then smeared hot over crusty French bread. And they’re the magic ingredient along with sage when making Tuscan ragu. Mmm can’t wait till I’m cooking again…!


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