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Must Contain Fangirlish Glee!

May 30, 2010

Karen Healey is going to be signing books! At Books of Wonder, a bookstore I love! A bookstore I love that’s near me.  Libba Bray will be there too!  This Thursday. Woo!

Since Karen Healey is based in New Zealand, I figured the chances of her ever being local were slim-to-none even on a giant book tour. What excellent luck, she’ll be at a bookstore I know, and love.

Will definitely bring my copy of Guardian of the Dead to get signed. My camera needs repairing. (Dropped it one too many times. This is one of a long list of reasons I’m not allowed to have an iPhone.) Hopefully I will have it fixed by then, and I will be able to post pictures of the book signing.

I also need to post pictures of the epic stack of books I acquired at the Book Expo. I think I came away with a stack that would be 4 feet tall, if I put it end to end. And that’s with only two days, and not really knowing where to go to get free books. Next year’s going to be insane! No shortage of things to read this summer.

The timing’s especially good, I’d been braced for a bit of post-birthday-frolic, post-BEA letdown.

So all I have to do is not squeal at Karen Healey.  May not be able to help some jumping up and down.

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