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Sometimes it’s not all about books

June 6, 2010

Spent yesterday at a wonderful music festival in southern Jersey at Appel Farm.

The bands I saw were so good, I honestly couldn’t tell you which I liked the best.

Richard Shindell– a folk singer/songwriter from New Jersey. A very sweet voice, and I liked the fun he was having with lyrics. There was a “Stranded Cow Blues” that was both funny, and great music.

Enter the Haggis. I don’t know why there’s so much excellent Celtic rock coming from Canada. I liked these guys, loved them doing rock and trad songs. They did a terrific job with each, and great vocal harmonies and stage fun. Also– how could you not love the name?

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings: Big, jazzy funk-soul with a great horn section.

Patty Griffith and Buddy Miller: Great, sexy bluegrass with outstanding dissonant-bluegrass harmonies and lyrics.

The Avett Brothers were actually the only ones I really knew before the show. Folk, with gorgeous lyrics. “I am a breathing time machine.” Wow. Just wow. They’re even more fun live, because they play with melodies beautifully. Gotta love the cello. Speaking of the cello- when the cello and stand-up bass player went back to back like rock musicians to jam, it was just about too perfect.

A great day!

Oh, and to keep things just a little bookish… on the way back, today, we made a stop at Labyrinth Books, in Princeton. Which is now one of my favorite bookstores.

I’m behind on reviews. Been reading all over the map, and need to blog about it. I write posts out longhand when I’m not near my computer, then I never update.

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