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Britannia Rules My Bookshelf?

June 13, 2010

In the past week or so, I’ve read a Regency novel, a book about Sherlock Holmes and the history of forensics, and decided to conquer my ignorance of P.G. Wodehouse and Dorothy Sayers once and for all, by putting them on the library hold list. Also on the hold list is Georgette Heyer, said to be the mother of the Regency romance genre. Bring on the British drawing rooms!

At some point I should also finish reading the Chronicles of Narnia. Not Prince Caspian, though, thanks.

I watched England play the US in the World Cup yesterday afternoon. Cheered for the USA, mostly as a reason to taunt a certain grad student.

I think I’m starting to understand soccer, sorry, football. I think I prefer the American version. Higher scores, more forward progress down the field, and of course, fewer vuvuzelas. (Watching soccer makes me wonder, again, how NFL football’s play style would change if they got rid of helmets, or what else they could change to prevent CTE.)

Most nights find me tucking myself into bed with a James Herriot audiobook. (I have no idea why I find a Yorkshire vet’s tales of large animal surgery so relaxing.)

And if this rainy weather keeps up, I’m going to start drinking tea.

Hm. Maybe I’m having a summer of Brit Lit? Will start tracking that in my book list.

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