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Writing about Beer for WVFC.

June 15, 2010

I wrote a roundup on The Beers of Summer for Women’s Voices For Change. And let me tell you, writing about beer for an audience of mostly non-beer-drinkers was tough! Especially explaining things like “hoppy,” in a way that could make sense, and pique the curiosity, of someone who wasn’t already a craft beer scholar.

It’s kind of amazing how much I’ve learned, flying by the seat of my pants as a beer writer for Enough to explain beer. Twice!

Take a look… (and of course, read the rest at WVFC)

The perfect summer beer has a lot in common with the perfect summer sundress. It’s crisp, it helps keep you cool, and you can find one that suits anything from a casual backyard barbecue to a more upscale evening. It all depends on what you pair it with.

By now, you may be doing a doubletake. Beer? Really?

Yes, really. If your mental picture of beer involves the tasteless, fizzy yellow stuff that guys drink at baseball games, you’re in for a surprising, nuanced taste treat. Over the past several years a craft beer movement has emerged, with locally based brewers turning out beer in small, conscientiously nurtured batches. Craft brewers select specific varieties of hops and barley malts, even specific strains of yeast, to create complex taste profiles for their brews.

Just like wine, good beer is ideal to sip and consider, and to pair with some of your favorite foods.

Read more…

And for the Star-Ledger, I wrote a YA summer reading roundup. More on that, here!

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