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Good Books and Good Causes

June 21, 2010

Got a note from Becky Brothers, a fellow book blogger, highlighting the work that the PENCIL Foundation does, getting books and school supplies to needy children in Nashville. During the flood in Nashville, many of their books were destroyed.

So they need books… and waterproof containers to help store them. (I’m thinking some of these from the Container Store.)

Some other good literary causes.

With the new budget cuts, the New York Public Library system is in financial trouble, and will need to cut branches and close some of the programs that are helping the city deal with this putrid economy. You can support them here. And locals, write to your elected officials!

It’s easy to support The Literacy Site. All you have to do is click, and the sponsors will donate cash towards free books.

First Book is a Washington, D.C. based charity, working to get books into the hands of needy kids. Check out their Facebook page.

You know what’s great? I’m sure there are others that aren’t coming to my mind. That gives me hope and makes me proud of the people out there working hard for literacy.

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