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Pairing Beer and Books

June 27, 2010

Michelle Kerns, of is one of my favorite book reviewers, because she’s fun to read. Her periodic roundups of book reviewer cliches help keep me honest. Or at least, remind me to cringe at myself when I do use the word “riveting” or “engrossing.”

One of my favorite features of her reviews is that she ends each with a recommendation of what to drink while reading a book.  Here’s her review of The Chimera Seed.

After dinner, I decided to linger over the last of my beer, and my book. I am drinking a Weyerbacher Simcoe IPA. Although the beer tastes great with just about any food I can imagine…it’s a total misfire for the book.

I’m reading The Black Sheep, by Georgette Heyer, and it feels very, very weird to be sipping my beer as I read about drawing rooms and morning dresses and waistcoats and gentlemen who are “of the very first stare.” I should be drinking port (it’s too hot for port!), or sherry (ick!) or a nice claret. It’s almost  making my beer taste funny.


I think this beer would go better with a good detective novel.

Oh well, live and learn.

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