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One For The Money: Book, the Movie gone wrong!

July 15, 2010

via Jezebel: Katherine Heigl to play Stephanie Plum

What what WHAT what what what what??? Okay, for starters, could they not have found a natural brunette? I’m ambivalent about Sandra Bullock, but…butbut… I can at least picture her doing things like swearing, and holding a gun, and living in Jersey!!!

Katherine Heigl always looks a little too delicately alarmed by peril. Even in that Ashton Kutcher movie I saw previews of and dismissed as a crap remake of True Lies. When confronted by peril… Katherine Heigl looks a little like she’s about to forget her lines in a high school play.

Marisa Tomei, anyone? Was Eliza Dushku busy, or not willing to break into movies? I’m better at spotting actors when I see them in movies, than I am at conjuring them off the top of my head. But… Katherine Heigl just isn’t earthy enough! I’m hung up on how I can’t picture her ineptly skulking. Or swearing. Or knowing where Trenton is, much less the Burg. Or being related to Grandma Mazur.

The IMdB page for the movie doesn’t list Lola. That better be because they haven’t cast her yet. (Please not Queen Latifa… give someone else a chance- the character of Lola is so much Herself that I want a character actor to immerse in the role.) I am all right with the casting of Ranger and Morelli.

Just goes to prove that the only good movie adaptations of books have been To Kill a Mockingbird and the first three Harry Potter movies. Harumph.

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