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I have a lot of books to read.

August 20, 2010

For those who say I read fast…. I present the tower of books yet to be read:

The total number of books I have that need reading

The tower is almost 4 feet tall. I measured. It consists of Book Swap books, books I need to read and review for the Ledger, and books that lovely publicists and publishers and authors send me to read and review on my blog. There are a few stragglers from my BEA freebies in there too.

However, if we break it down into piles by source/purpose, it is less intimidating. And less likely to fall over unsupported.

Book Swap Haul: 11. I already read one.

To Be Reviewed for the Ledger: 10 unread. I’ve already read two, and need to write the reviews.

BEA freebies: 9, including two giant chunksters. I thought there were more! Go me!

Sent by publicists and publishers: 13 lovely books! Thank you nice people who send me free books! Please kee sending me interesting books, despite the massiveness of this tower of books.

L to R: Book swap, Ledger, BEA, Sent books. typical dining room chair for scale.

Broken down by type and source, these books are not so overwhelming.

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