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Book Meme Day 11

August 21, 2010

Today’s installment of the 30 Day Book Meme asks: A book that disappointed you.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is one. It was just… so long… and so many plot devices that jumped out last minute and… so long. Also, not nearly enough Neville. Feh.

I still remember reading about half of The Pelican Brief by John Grisham. I remember really enjoying the political conspiracy, the sheer artistry of it. I was a teenager, and pretty new to the idea of political thrillers. I haven’t read all that many since, but I’m pretty sure this was a first.

I remember reading it at about the time the movie came out, seeing Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington in the coming attractions. I remember thinking that they were both good-looking actors, and reading the book, and figuring out who they were playing.

I don’t wish to spoil it for anyone else… but I am pretty sure anyone familiar with suspense cliches or Grisham can call the ending. And I bet anyone familiar with me has heard me be grumpy about this.

And then things in the book got very hackneyed and Hollywoody, between those two characters. I was offended! I wanted to read a well-orchestrated political thriller, not a romance! I flipped to the back of the book, confirmed where the ending was headed, and got so annoyed, I never finished seeing how the political intrigue played out.

I don’t mind romance! Really I don’t. I like it, too, in its place. I tend to find it highly distracting in mysteries, though. And yet, I do love the spy-themed or intrigue-laden Regency romances, just not so much in a modern setting. Don’t know why.

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