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Book Meme Day 20: Best Kiss

August 30, 2010

Today’s book meme asks for:– Favorite kiss

It’s becoming a familiar refrain in this meme- I can’t pick just one favorite! Or, I’ll be reading, and I’ll notice that I loved a scene or a kiss, but then can’t remember it out of context.

My friend Lisa jokes: “The Miller’s Tale from The Canterbury tales!” I need to reread it to remember why that’s funny.

In general, I love romances that get set up with plenty of banter and wit. Much Ado About Nothing‘s Beatrice and Benedick. Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy (I preferred it with zombies!) Lauren Willig’s Henrietta and Miles. The kind of kiss that has bumped noses, startled “mffff!” noises and general surprise. (Life imitating, art, you say? Art imitating life? who knows!)

My favorite kiss in literature though, is a whole collection of kisses: Tess Gallagher’s collection of love poems, Portable Kisses.

One of my favorites is: Kissing the Blindman

Kissing The Blindman
is like kissing the moon
between phases, a kind of larceny
that sweetens one light as it
quenches another. He was halls
and handsomely, a drowned lamp
in my skull, a ship in the mountain,
silk over no shoulder.

Black moon before breath,
I don’t kiss you with my mouth only,
but like an ivory hand reaching for dice
thrown across marble.
We roll and roll to the echo’s
last chamber.

No idea what that means, but wow is it sexy.

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