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Interesting book juxtaposition

September 10, 2010

More often than not, I will have two books in my bag when I leave the house. Because, with commutes and downtime and the like, it’s hard to know if a day is a one or two-book day.

I didn’t plan today’s pairing, at least not consciously.

Currently reading: Rapture Ready! by Daniel Radosh. It’s an impressively evenhanded and thoughtful study of Christian merchandising, often-evangelical pop culture, and cultural identity expressed through marketing and media. I’m impressed by how thoughtful and respectful Radosh’s prose is. Mostly, he lets the people he’s interviewing, or people speaking from within the culture, provide their own analysis.

On deck: The Purity Myth, by Jessica Valenti. Valenti, editor of the blog examines the customs and cultural assumptions in American culture about women’s bodies,  virginity and chastity. Purity promise rings and such.

Extensive reviews of both coming. Because, how could I not?

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