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Literary Band Mash-Ups

November 5, 2010

Lisa found a great web contest:  Booking Bands. Come up with names that are mash-ups of band names and book titles.

Here’s a few from Coudal Partners’ site that made me giggle.

Bridge over the River Jamiroquai (Michelle DeCol)
Devil in the White Stripes* (Matthew La Fleur)
The Scarlet Pimpernelly Furtado (John Upchurch)
Wallflowers for Algernon (John Upchurch)
Even Cowboy Junkies Get the Blues (Mark Bauer)
Anne of Marvin Gaye-bles/Anne of Al Green Gables (Jackie Gavin-Smyth)
The Ramones Quimby, Age 8* (Eric Weeks)
Everything but the Girl Is Illuminated (Meredith Payne)

I am inordinately pleased with myself for coming up with 2: Slaughterhouse Maroon 5, and Jane Eyre’s Addiction

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