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Book Reviews, the B Sides

November 9, 2010

For a while, I’ve been meaning to take a second look at the book reviews I write for the Star-Ledger, and do a little added commentary, just to add a little about the thinking I did while reading and writing.

Writing a blog post about a book, I feel like I have a lot more freedom to think out loud. I don’t like to snark a book too often or too much, because, believe me, I know, writing is hard. And it takes a lot of work of imagination or research. So, I don’t want to be too much of a mean jerk. Even if I’m an eloquent mean jerk.

That said- right now I’m reading Christmas books, and doing a gift guide for kids’ literature. Reading the Christmas books started before Halloween, which was really weird. &(You thought Christmas decorations went up early in stores? I was reading about Yuletide before there was a scrap of tinsel in any aisle anywhere!) But at least now the weather is cooperating. A good, icy blustery wind makes it much easier to read about Christmas cookies, as opposed to jean jacket weather.

And reading kids books makes me want to buy most of the picture books in bulk, to give to friends’ babies and cousins’ kids. Or have entire pages of the illustrations blown up to be posters for my walls.


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