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The Strange and Wonderful World of Social Media

November 30, 2010

Social media has led me into some interesting mindsets and interesting areas of the internet. (For WVFC I remember learning all kinds of things like the fact that October is the official month for everything from breast cancer to Hispanic awareness, to roller skates.)

The latest news is that I’ve started working as a social media consultant for a local furniture store. A friendly conversation, I deployed my business card, and here I am.  Resource Furniture sells interesting, modern looking furniture.

It’s interesting doing social media and marketing strategy for a physical business that sells tangible merchandise, as opposed to promoting the written content and discussion that is part of a blog. Focusing on buying and selling and customer outreach asks for a different mindset and opens up different community avenues, as well as different available language. It targets concrete fiscal action of the consumers, not just nodding heads and thoughtfully engaged discussion. There’s also the trick in the social media space, of engaging without being too smarmy… the social rules of the web demand an authentic voice, or you get tuned out like a commercial.

Also let me say, Resource’s pieces are really, really neat! The main thing they do is “space-saving furniture.” It folds into cupboards- and then slides out, and hey, look, a bed! A couch and a table. I’m entertained and intrigued by the practical playfulness that’s part of the design.

Here’s video.

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