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Social Media Success Story: Straight No Chaser

December 1, 2010

Last night, I met up with friends to see Straight No Chaser, an a cappella group that got their start at Indiana University. An impressively talented group, with tight harmonies, interesting arrangements, and smart, fun choreography. Also, they’re really, really good at Christmas music. And believe me, I know my Christmas music.

They’re also a social media success story.

I am pretty sure I saw, and loved, their Lady Gaga medley over the summer.

Basically, the group’s story is this: The group formed about twenty years ago on campus- college students having fun, performing fun songs, graduating and moving on. They recorded a video or two. The videos showed talent and whimsy.

That’s what it takes to make a video viral. At its heart, social media is just that: social. The instincts for friendly fun, and sharing. “Hey! Look at this!” Being able to tug on a friend’s sleeve at the speed of cyberspace. The technology can be harnessed to inform, to entertain, and most of all, to share good stuff.

Straight No Chaser were busy having fun with talented harmonies and choreography. Someone saw their video, loved it, shared it. And then Straight No Chaser achieved the fairy tale of the digital age. They figured out how to pull money out of the Internet. They got a record deal. Now they’re touring and playing Atlantic City.

They have what they need to go viral. Talent, fun, great arrangements, an ardent fan base, and, as one of them jokingly put it “The Interwebs.”

Also… their version of Miss You completely blew this Stones fan away.

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