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Best Books and Authors of 2010

January 2, 2011

Keeping a book list for the entire year is really handy for year-end favorites posts!

The Book Memes folks have a few questions

List your favourite (and/or least favourite) top ten books of 2010.

These are listed in about chronological order, not necessarily preference.

  1. The Betrayal of the Blood Lily- Lauren Willig (knew I was going to love it!)
  2. Guardian of the Dead- Karen Healey.
  3. Bewitching Season- Marisa Doyle
  4. Petty Magic- Camille DeAngelis
  5. Blackout/All Clear- Connie Willis. Totally counts as one book!
  6. Spitfire Women of World War II- Giles Whittell
  7. Plain Kate- Erin Bow
  8. Shelf Discovery- Lizzie Skurnick
  9. A Fierce Radiance- Lauren Belfer
  10. The Perfect Summer, England Before the Storm. -Juliette Nicolson

Apparently 2010 was my year of really loving historical fiction! A trend that will probably continue. I also read a fair amount of foodie books.

Newly discovered authors who made me happy: Karen Healey, Marissa Doyle, Trudi Canavan, Erin Bow. Lauren Willig carried over from last year.

I can also say that I only outright hated one book I read in 2010.  The Shadow of Albion, by Rosemary Edgehill and Andre Norton. There were a few other books that made me feel tepid about them, but next to no utter stinkers. A good year!

List your favourite (and/or least favourite) books of 2010 by genre
List any books or authors that you read during 2010 that you’d recommend

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