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Not Finishing the Book: Bloodline

January 17, 2011

In retrospect… reading a book just because it was the #1 book the week I was born... probably not a great idea.

I got a few chapters in before I decided everyone in the book was awful, and reprehensible, and I didn’t want to watch them being awful to each other for hundreds of pages. This book had it all- creepy domineering husbands, philandering husbands, race car driving philandering wives, conniving Welsh businessmen, a money grubbing ski instructor. Murder. Shady business deals.


I prefer to deal with awful people in books when they’re not the ones running the show. Give me a mystery, where the awful conniving people are the criminals brought to some kind of nasty justice. Where there’s an intrepid and not morally bankrupt investigator serving as the book’s moral compass.

I wonder if Bloodline coinciding with my birthdate of right before Memorial Day had anything to do with it. It would make sense. If this were a trashy beach read I might have… nah, I still wouldn’t have finished it.

But it’s not like I don’t have a good pile of books to read!

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