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The Orchid Affair Was Wonderful

February 19, 2011

The Orchid Affair
Lauren Willig

I’m so very grateful that Lauren Willig’s novels are on a February publication schedule. Late January to February are about the time of the year that I start to feel acutely miserable about winter, snow, slush, and relentless cold. I get dreary.

A new Lauren Willig novel is exactly the right antidote to the winter blues. I knew I was going to love The Orchid Affair as wholeheartedly as I did. Hooray!

A smart, funny heroine, who’s worked as a governess, is now sent to spy on the actions of a Frenchman in a high government office, by teaching his kids grammar and deportment. Laura is prone to saying smart things primly, and tartly, and even the incidental prose, narrative between dialogue makes me laugh out loud. Smart banter between Laura and her employer, Andre, made me laugh.

There were spies and plots and disguises and romance and sword fights. And precocious kids. Gabrielle, 9, and adorable Pierre-Andre. A few nods to recurring Pink Carnation characters, including Miss Jane Wooliston. (when, when when, is she getting her own romance novel?)

Lauren Willig specializes in two sorts of romance heroine, I think: The dreamy, girlish one with whimsical ideas, and the brainy, sharp-tongued one who banters fiercely. Both are tremendous fun. You can guess which one I identify with, errrrmmm, enjoy reading best. Hooray for smart Laura and her wit!
I hope I don’t have to wait til next February for another Lauren Willig novel. But if I do, I’ll at least know it will be something fun to take the edge off the slush.

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  1. February 19, 2011 3:21 pm

    I’m staring at this on my shelf, hoping to pick it up soon!

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