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Rearranging the Mental Furniture

February 28, 2011

Doing a little redesign of the  blog and site, so it gets a little more useful, and slick-looking as a portfolio. Here is my corner of cyberspace. Yes, I blither about books. I think out loud. I’d like to keep it fun that way.

Because I would really love to find my dream job. I’m even pretty flexible as to what it is. Let me write a lot and make sure to stake out a brand’s social media space. Let me read things, whether they’re books to review or content to edit.  Lifestyle journalism, book reviews, and social media. These are the pieces of my dream job.

Still working out how they fit together.

Stepping up the hunt for the dream job. I’ll still be reading and reviewing books, thinking out loud, blogging about the delightful and the whimsical.  Can’t put that on my resume, exactly, but a little bit of levity (is it the same root word as leavening?) is another piece of the dream. Finding a reason or two to laugh helps me work hard.

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