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A question of timing

March 23, 2011

Something I’ve been noticing- my sequence of choosing books feels skewed.  As a reviewer, and someone who orders books to be put on hold at the library, my reading is a lot less randomized than it used to be.  It’s less about, say, browsing and following whims.

There are whims, of course. I have any amount of review books or library books to choose from. So I can pick something up almost at random from the stack. But… having books arrive, as opposed to spending a while browsing aimlessly on shelves for something to read, has put me a little bit out of phase with my book whims.

And I’m very much a whim driven reader. I’ll start a book, shrug, set it back ont he shelf, repeat that process a few times, and then, something shifts and I pick the book up and zoom through it in utterly absorbed delight. No idea what the shift is. The planets realigned.

Being not entirely in the right mood for a book makes a difference in how I think about it. Of course, I’ve learned to adapt to that, and to question any lurking grumpiness or fidgetiness about a book. I can tell whether it’s a mood thing versus something about the book.

All this is just to say that I should really pick up a novel or two and just barrel through them. I think i have more nonfiction on hold at the library though.

And– there’s Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon to think about, talk about zooming through books. I should start thinking about assembling a reading list. And suitable munchies.

Ticking the library books off my list doesn’t exactly feel like reading them for school. But, like I said, just a little out of phase with the initial whim.

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