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About Time I Read, #AboutTimeIRead

March 24, 2011

This morning on Twitter, there’s a hashtag for #AboutTimeIRead

In 140 characters or less, there are all kinds of confessions from people, of the books they have hanging over their heads.

I’m humbled and a little sheepish, every time I try to think of my list. For someone who reads as much as I do, these lists and these conversations make me feel like some kind of bumbling ignoramus who’s not very well read at all.

Here’s just a sampling of what it’s About Time I Read:

  1. The Age of Innocence- Edith Wharton. Has been sitting on my shelf for years. 19th Century NY is my sweet spot, you’d think I’d be all over this.
  2. Anything by Dorothy Sayers. Or so people keep telling me.
  3. A Prayer for Owen Meany- John Irving
  4. Tiger Eyes- Judy Blume
  5. The original Sherlock Holmes stories.
  6. The rest of the Chronicles of Narnia. I’ve read the Lion & Witch, Magician’s Nephew and…. yep, that’s it.
  7. The Bonus- Jennifer Lowe. Planned TV Arts nicely sent me a copy, and I should really get on that.
  8. Omeros- Derek Walcott. His series of poems riffing on the Odyssey. For that matter….
  9. The Odyssey

And of course my library books. I should read them before they’re overdue.

My life is crowded with books I should be reading. I am clearly doing something right.

For every book I read in 2011, I’m donating $1 to the New York Public Library.

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  1. March 24, 2011 7:00 am

    Hi ! I too followed the stream on Twitter…I initially said Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as I’ve always really disliked the film but figured I must be missing something…….thenI picked up my pen and started a list…getting longer by the hour !

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