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Counting Down to Dewey’s Read-A-Thon

April 8, 2011

Does starting a book I will probably still be reading when Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon kicks off tomorrow… count as pre-gaming?

Well, if it does, I am. Or participating in Friday Reads, one of my favorite ongoing memes. Here’s their Facebook page.

I’m ridiculously excited for Dewey’s Read-a-Thon. Last I checked, there were over 100 book bloggers signed up to spend all day and all night reading, and being goofy on the Internet together. Like some vast, very literate, slightly insane, slumber party. I’m inspired, too. Over 20 of us are Reading For Charity

Here are the books I packed to read, in approximately the order I plan to read them. Reminder- if you correctly guess the number of books I read, I’ll send you a free book.

Not even I can zoom through 12 books in 24 hours, so I’ve pretty much organized it along reading whims. It’s a little like plotting a dinner menu. Leftovers, appetizers, and dessert included.

  1. Delicious Leftovers-The Bonus– Georgia Lowe. Historical fiction. I started reading it this afternoon, will finish it tomorrow.
  2. Amuse Bouche Thief of Hearts- Christopher Golden. A speedy YA mystery. Or A Share In Death, by Deborah Crombie.
  3. A Hearty Soup/Stew Shadows Bright as Glass– Amy Ellis Nutt (knowing that Amy keeps odd hours, I will be planning to see if I can interview her at some goofy post-midnight hour, talking about the book, our shared insomniac tendencies, and anything else, over email.)
  4. Pasta Course Fish out of Agua- Michele Cerlo. Multicultural, smartassy memoir. OR: The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry– Kathleen Flinn. Foodie Memoir. Both are flavorful and easygoing.
  5. Chef’s Choice:No telling what I’ll be hungry for at the late hour this is likely to be. I am fully stocked with options, from the magical-trippy (The Book Thief, Tam Lin) to mysteries of various sorts, to memoirs of midwives and stock traders.
  6. Sweet DessertsThe Court of the Stone Children- Eleanor Cameron. A sweet YA/Tween book, one of my favorites. I’d debated the Westing Game, but decided on something dreamier.
  7. Popcorn/Snacks: Poetry is sort of like that for me, anyway, more for grazing than continuous reading. I have Charlotte Bronte You Ruined My Life by Barbara Louise Ungar, because, how could you not love the title?

I am just as well (over?) supplied with good snack options as I am with books. Although my last academic all-nighter was longer ago than I would like to admit, I still know the kinds of foods I like when I’m holed up and reading. Snacky, crunchy foods that won’t stain books. (I perfected this list over the course of several Harry Potter books, which I read through, nonstop, the day Amazon delivered them.) Dad is also making me pasta for dinner! Hooray!

  • Hummus and Veggies
  • Yogurt
  • Cheddar cheese (may become toaster nachos atop corn chips)
  • Hot chocolate
  • Cereal (may be consumed at 2 AM. I swear it tastes better, then!)
  • Chocolate covered almonds. (Thanks, Keri!)

Am also fully stocked on coffee and green and black tea. Cannot wait for tomorrow morning!

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