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Rules for Dating, as told by Book 3 of Read-a-Thon

April 9, 2011

Midway through Fish Out of Agua, by Michele Carlo. Although I had a bit of a read-a-thon slump, I had some tea and I’m back in business. This one’s a collection of short essays about growing up Puerto Rican in NYC, in the 60s and 70s. So there’s drugs, there’s rock and roll. And there’s a giant Puerto Rican family with plenty of Titis (aunties.) A letter to Michele from one of the aunties made me laugh:

1. Siempre vaya a bailar primero. Always go dancing on the first date.

2. Nunca tenga sexo con alguien que no le gusta la comida. Never have sex with someone who doesn’t like food. Or eats like a pig. Because he’ll likely treat you the same way.

Makes sense to me.

Sometimes I think about writing all my own family stories- I come from a great big close family with 6 aunts. But, I think we might be a little too loving and well-adjusted to make a good memoir. And I was certainly way too well behaved as a teenager. Good attendance, and I think my only teenage vice was a bit of Dungeons and Dragons.

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