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The Read-a-Thon is a family affair

April 11, 2011

First of all, I could absolutely not have done Dewey’s Read-A-Thon without my Dad. I spent the weekend at my parents’ house, and Dad was the best cheerleader ever. He made sure the fridge was stocked with tasty reading snacks, and made me his famous “Daddy Pasta.” Sauce with chicken and peppers and mushrooms and sausage and garlic. Best thing ever.

And then yesterday, I went to see my grandma at the assisted living place where she lives. Turns out Dad had preceded me, and had told Grandma and her friends about the read-a-thon. They, like my parents, found the whole enterprise delightful, if mildly insane. “So, I heard you read 24 books,” said Fred, a bearded gentleman. “Not exactly. But I did read for almost 24 hours!”

They wanted to know the best book I’d read. So I told them about Shadows Bright as Glass, figuring that science writing would appeal, and because I didn’t particularly want to explain the sex and drugs jokes in Fish Out of Agua. Harriet teaches art classes and likes to read about string theory. She asked me to write the title down for her.

Was that the right book to recommend? I don’t know. I know Grandma doesn’t read as much anymore, and neither do her friends Josephine (who went to Vassar, like me! neat!) or Fred and Harriet. And the mysteries I read were decent, but, pretty average. Shadows Bright as Glass really was the stand-out. The idea of not being able to focus on reading scares the heck out of me actually. My grandpa (who really would have loved the Read-a-Thon) passed away a few years ago. His eyesight wasn’t great, but he tore through audiobooks, with a sharp mind for the stories, up until the end.

In any case, as wonderful as it was to have a blog, Facebook and Twitter community cheering on the Read-a-Thon, my family were my favorite cheerleaders. I know I’m supremely lucky that way.

Say what you want about the health benefits of getting exactly 8 hours of sleep a night every night… there’s something about the catnapping sleep that happens between 3 and 7 AM that’s more relaxing than a solid 8 hours. Especially if you get a solid 8 hours the next night. I feel like I’ve had a weekend at a spa.

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