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Book Expo Excitement

May 16, 2011

I feel like I’ve been looking forward to the Book Expo for months! Months! And it will be happening next week! I can’t wait. Everything I could possibly love- familiar authors, people who love talking about books, books I haven’t read yet, books and authors I’ve never even heard of, and interesting bloggers will all be in one (giant) room together. There will be free books! And book catalogs! Heaven looks more or less exactly like this.

The Book Expo coincides with my birthday, which makes me feel especially gleeful. One of the authors scheduled to give autographs on May 25, my birthday, is Rick Riordan. I loved the Percy Jackson books, and the first book of the Kane Chronicles. So I’m looking forward to asking Rick Riordan to write “Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!” I’m looking forward to finding new cookbooks and cookbook authors, interesting mysteries, memoirs, and foodie lit.

I love to wander around and talk shop- I guess it’s networking, but it feels more like chattering about things we love. I met all sorts of interesting folks who work in publishing.  I collected a whole heap of cards last year… but did not follow up as strenuously as I should have. This year, I will improve. I will also bring a bigger bag. Because— books!

Last year, I was mostly bopping around on my own. This year, I have new and old friends to see. I’m looking forward to meeting Sassymonkey, a book blogger I’ve been reading for ages. A friend who’s a law librarian will be in town, and I’ve just gotten to know a librarian who focuses on YA lit.

I also plan to learn nutritious things– I haven’t decided what panels I’m going to try to see. But I plan to stick my head into the BlogWorld Conference and gain some insights to make me a better blogger and social media person.

Is it next week yet?

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  1. May 19, 2011 4:50 am

    I’ll be there for the first time next week and I’m really looking forward to it, too. Maybe see you there!

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