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Book Expo Prep. It’s Almost Time

May 21, 2011

As a seasoned, veteran book blogger, and Book Expo America attendee, I think I know what I’m doing. Taking my time this weekend to prep, so I can revel in books all week!

Look, I even made a list. Be impressed!

To do:

Purge books from shelves to make room for BEA stash! (Done!)

Take books to Strand to sell. (Done!)

Donate books Strand won’t take, to library!(This afternoon!)

Get enough sleep, to make sure I can handle 5 days of wandering around in a bookish/blogger state of overwhelmed. (Errm. Work in progress.)

Make birthday plans for Tuesday night! (Done!)

Print out badge/schedule, book blogger contact info sheet.


  • Backpack on wheels.
  • Badge printout, and schedule printouts for BEA and Blog/Social Media Expo
  • Bunch of pens in various places, in bag and in pockets.
  • Sweater in case of diabolical air conditioning.
  • Spare tote bag to pass along to Sassymonkey
  • Camera.
  • Granola bars.
  • Giant stack of business cards. Had I been a smarter bunny, I would have ordered a backup box in time to have it for the BEA. That goes on next year’s list.
  • Notebook to write notes in. That’s practically a body part/fixture, but going on the list anyway.

Is it Monday yet?

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