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Book Expo 2011 Books!

May 23, 2011

Here are the books from this year’s Book Expo!

I put them in a tower, and before the stack tipped over, it was taller than me! Will try again after I write the list!

Note: Will read and review these in some fashion…  I also have reviews pending for  BlogHer and the Star-Ledger, and will give those deadlines priority.

  1. The Throne of Fire- Rick Riordan. Autographed! TOTALLY worth getting up at stupid o’clock on my birthday to get an autograph ticket.
  2. Half Blood-  Jennifer L. Armentrout. Fantasy
  3. Sleight– Kristen Kaschock
  4. My First Ladies: Behind the Scenes with Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush, and Rosalynn Carter– Nancy Clarke, with Christie Matheson. The White House Chief Floral Designer tells all. It was in the press office. Maybe WVFC would like it?
  5. Somewhere Over The Sun– Adi Alsaid. A first novel, handed to me by the author. I browsed a couple of pages. He’s got a good sense of the visual. Should be fun.
  6.  Birds of Paradise– Diana Abu-Jaber. Got this at the Editors Buzz panel. Picked it up because it promises at least some foodie lit, but I’m braced for an intense novel about a runaway teenage daughter and what happens to her family.
  7. The Art of Fielding– Chad Harbach. Another Editors Buzz find. A literary novel about baseball at a small town college. I always love reading baseball novels, even though I hate watching the sport.
  8. The Night Circus– Erin Morgenstern. A circus pops up in a small town, with dozens of black and white striped tents, full of surreal things. Jars of memory you can inhale like perfume, clouds you can walk on. Magicians’ duels. I’m very excited to read this, because it’s the sort of thing I like, and because the editor who was reading it couldn’t put the manuscript down- she just sat herself down in the staff lunchroom and read for hours til she finished. From the sound of it, I’m reminded of Veronica, by Nicholas Christopher, which I’ve been meaning to reread. But I can’t find my copy. Ack.
  9. The Maid: A Novel of Joan of Arc. Yes, ChrisL, I got you a copy, too.
  10. Swerve: How the World Became Modern– Stephen Greenblatt
  11. The Hangman’s Daughter- Oliver Potzsch. Thriller set in 17th Century Bavaria.
  12. The Thank You Economy– Gary Vaynerchuk. Wine mogul talks about social media and economy. Reminds me to reread Cory Doctorow.
  13. The Sweets of Araby– Leila Salloum and Muna Sallloum. Arabian Nights inspired sweets. I grabbed this for the lovely illustrations by Linda Dalal Sawaya
  14. Many Genres, One Craft- Lessons in Writing Popular Fiction. Edited by Michael A. Arnzen and Heidi Ruby Miller. May be re-gifting this to a fiction writing friend.
  15. The Little Women Letters- Gabrielle Donnelly.
  16. Au Revoir Crazy European Chick– Joe Schreiber. May be the best title in the lot.
  17. Slow Love– Dominique Browning. decent-looking chick lit
  18. Brightly Woven– Alexandra Bracken. Fantasy
  19. Spa Deadly– Louise Gaylord.
  20. Stupid Fast– Geoff Herbach. Fun YA
  21. Read My Hips, How I Learned to Love My Body. Kim Brittingham. Body Image essays.
  22. The Taker– Alma Katsu. Spooky
  23. Open Wounds– Joseph Lunievicz. V. excited about this one! Historical fiction with stage combat. I talked fencing with the author!
  24. Stingers– W.G. Griffiths. YA with a smartass heroine and cyberpunk plot.
  25. Heart of Deception– M.L. Malcom. Met the author. She loves fancy hats.
  26. Down The Mysterly River– Bill Willingham. He wrote Fables.
  27. Next To Love– Ellen Feldman. WWII historical romance.
  28. The Best Years of Flying: a Memoir of Howard Hughes and TWA– Dee Merian
  29. Becoming Marie Antoinette– Juliet Gray
  30. Lady In Waiting– Susan Meissner. Romance.
  31. French Lessons– Ellen Sussman. I strongly suspect this is chick lit.
  32. Forever– Maggie Stiefvater. May be part of a YA series.
  33. When the Stars Go Blue– Caridad Ferrer, A YA riff on Carmen.
  34. Jackson Jones: The Tale of a Boy, a Troll and a Very Large Chicken. Jenn Kelly. Middle grade YA. Couldn’t resist title.
  35. Paris Noir– Francine Thomas Howard. Historical WWII fiction set in Paris
  36. Wildwood– Colin Meloy,illustrated by Carson Ellis. YA fantasy
  37. Original Sin– Beth McMullen. A fusion of chick lit and spy novel
  38. Guys Read Thrillers– John Scieszka. YA thriller for boys
  39. Coffee Talk– Morton Satin. A history of coffee. I have had something similar sitting on my shelf unread for ages.
  40. Oh Beautiful– John Paul Godges. Historical, hope it reads like novel.
  41. A book I got autographed for Dad and won’t discuss here.
  42. His Last Duchess– Gabrielle Kimm. Romance.
  43. Stanley– Kareena Maxwell. Based on the life of Barack Obama’s mother. I think.
  44. Queen of Kings– Maria Dahvana Headley. About Cleopatra
  45. The Beginning of After– Jennifer Castle. YA
  46. All Men of Genius– Lev AC Rosen. YA
  47. Bloodspell– Amalie Howard. Not sure about this one.
  48. Already Gone– John Rector. Mystery
  49. Awakenings– Edward Lazellari
  50. The Lost Angel– Javier Serra
  51. Liesl and Po– Lauren Oliver
  52. Delirium– Lauren Oliver
  53. The Keeper of Lost Causes– Jussi Adler-Olsen. Mystery. Grabbed one for Dad too.
  54. Minder– Kate Kaynak. Psychic teen YA.
  55. Bella– Steve Piacente. Set in Washington
  56. Sugar in My Bowl– Erica Jong. Essays about sex. I will not read this on the subway.
  57. Lot’s Return to Sodom– Sandra Brannan. Met the author at the Book Blogger Speed Dating event. I may not love this one.
  58. Bunheads– Sophie Flack. Ballet YA
  59. Fast Times in Palestine– Pamela J Olson. This looks like a really fun travel memoir.
  60. The Future of Us– Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler. Met on AOL, re-met on Facebook. I hate that I didn’t write this.
  61. Pundit Mom’s the Mothers of Intention– Joanne Bamberger. Rec’d by Sassymonkey. In person!
  62. The Dervish House- Ian McDonald. Set in Istanbul.
  63. A Congregation of Jackals- S. Craig Zahler. a Western. What was I thinking?
  64. Someday This Will Be Funny- Lynne Tillman
  65. Snitch- Booker T. Mattison. Crime novel

Okay… I think I am not allowed to bring a wheeled backpack to BEA anymore. It encourages book gluttony.

Because there will be library books and Star-Ledger reviews and Blog Her reviews, and hopefully other reviews on top of this beautiful stash of books.

I will not run out of reading material anytime soon.

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  1. August 21, 2011 10:17 pm

    perhaps be open minded and try the western, rather than dismiss it outright because of genre.


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