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Book Expo off to a Good Start

May 23, 2011

For a day that was about preparation and anticipation, I got a lot of good bookish stuff done today.

Read on, for books, fun librarians, many redheads, authors with fabulous hats, and a perplexing water bed on the roof of a bar.

I walked all over the Javits center, perused the BEA program to decide how many interesting things I was going to try to do all at the same time for the next few days. (So many authors and panels!) I checked out the Press Room, and went to the introductory press conference. I made a list of things to bring tomorrow. (Bottle of water, seriously!!!)

I met up with Hilary, a very cool children’s librarian friend. I made new friends, by chatting with book bloggers, writers, authors. I exchanged business cards. And I’m going to make sure I write back to them tonight before I fall over. Instead of collecting them into an overwhelming pile and staring at them a week later, saying “yikes!”

I met Sassymonkeyin person, which delights me! I’ve been reading her blog and chattering with her online for ages, and now I have actually met her. And taken a really goofy picture!

Me, and Sassymonkey

And then there was an after-party at a really funky bar by the High Line, a place with all kinds of artful lighting and a roof deck. On that roof deck, there were seats that were like giant water beds. Spectacularly weird, but great. I imagine, though, that if you were, shall we say, sloshed, yourself, sitting on a sloshy giant water bed would be unnerving.

I couldn’t tell how many of the fashionably dressed chattering people were Book Expo people, and how many were just there because they go to swanky and interesting bars on Monday night. So I was feeling a little scruffy with my bag on wheels.

Hillary the Librarian, on the pink waterbed seat thing at the rooftop bar.

A woman with a great hat caught my eye. I complimented her on her hat, and she joined me and my friends on the pink sloshy water bed seat thing. She said her name was Michele Carlo. The name was familiar. Maybe I’d seen her in the program, I thought… She handed me her card. Fish Out of Agua it said. OH! I read that! During Dewey’s Read-a-Thon

Michele Carlo, author of "Fish Out of Agua." Great hat, no?

Meeting someone whose memoir you’ve read, feels a little voyeuristic. I’ve read all about her family, her teenage life, her marriage and divorce. And then, we’re chatting about hats and fashion and being cold on the roof deck. I felt a bit fangirly. I also felt a bit fangirly about finally getting to meet Sassymonkey in person.

I love the Book Expo. Because, honestly, I’m more excited to encounter the real people whose work I’ve read and enjoyed, than the Big Name Authors Everyone’s Read. (Except for Rick Riordan, whose autograph I’m looking forward to with fangirlish anticipation!)

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  1. May 31, 2011 11:41 am

    Hi Elizabeth,
    It was totally awesome to hang on the squishy pink cushion with you, Hilary and Ryan too! (Note to self: remember to doff some ice-breaking headwear at the next event I attend). Here’s a link that features another one of my chapeaux:

    Sadly though, they have been retired for the season. What a difference in weather a week makes in NYC. Happy summer to you and hope we run into each other again soon!

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